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Popular Asian Destinations

Indulge in the luxurious charm of Asia, where ancient traditions intertwine with modern elegance, promising an unforgettable journey of opulence and cultural immersion. From serene landscapes to vibrant markets, experience the luxury of Asia's rich tapestry, inviting you to discover moments of pure enchantment and timeless allure.


Discover the allure of Thailand, where pristine beaches, lush jungles, and vibrant cities converge to create a tapestry of breathtaking beauty and endless adventure. From the bustling streets of Bangkok with luxurious resorts and hotels to the tranquil shores of Phuket filled with delicious street food stalls, Thailand invites you to experience a land of smiles, vibrant culture, and unparalleled hospitality.

Top Activities: 

-Bangkok: Grand Palace, Emerald Buddha, Floating Markets, World Class Shopping, Thai cooking class, Tuktuk tour, "James Bond" boat ride

-Phuket and Islets: Thai massages, "Wat Chalong" temple, Snorkle on Koh Phi Phi, Island hopping, Full moon party

-Koh Samui: Namuang waterfall, Big Gold Buddha, Muay Thai lesson, "Lady Boy" show at Chewang Beach

-Chiang Mai: Tour "Wat Phra That" the gold plated temple, Doi Inthanon the highest peak in Thailand, Bo Sang Handicraft Center, Temple hopping and exploration

-Chiang Rai: Try street food at the night market, Meet the people of the "Long Neck" tribes, Visit an ethical elephant sanctuary

Possible Trip Add-Ons: 

Thailand is very close to a number of other Asian countries making country add-ons super easy. Common add-ons include:

-Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia

Top Locations:


-Phuket and Islets

-Koh Samui

-Chiang Mai

-Chiang Rai

Perfect for:

-Foodie Trips

-Adventure Travel

-Couple Travel

-Girls Trips

-Luxury Relaxation

-Wellness Travel

The White Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand

South Korea

Embark on a journey to South Korea, where tradition harmonizes with modernity, offering a captivating blend of ancient heritage and contemporary allure. Experience the vibrant energy and warm hospitality of this dynamic nation, known for its charming themed cafes, historical palaces and temples, and luxurious department stores. From K-pop to dazzling historical sites, South Korea provides endless opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Top Locations: 

-Seoul, Busan, Jeju, Gyeongju, Daegu

Top Activities: 

-Seoul: Gyeonbokgung palace, Historical hanok village, Namdaemun market, Gangnam, Changdeokgun palace

-Busan: Haeundae Beach, Beomeosa Temple, Jalgachi fish market, Gamcheon Culture Village, Street food in Nampo

-Gyeongju: Gyeongju national park, Cheomseongdae observatory, Bulguksa temple, Gyeongju National Museum

-Daegu: Daegu Arboretum Park, Donghwasa Temple, Alps Park

-Jeju: Hallasan volcano, Jeju Peace Museum, Jungmun Beach

Perfect for:

-Girls Trips, History Lovers, K-pop and K-drama fans


Possible Add-Ons: 

-Japan is very close and reachable by plane or ferry

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple in Busan, South Korea


Step into the captivating world of Japan, where centuries-old traditions seamlessly merge with modern innovations, inviting you on an enchanting voyage of discovery and cultural immersion. Immerse yourself in the essence of Japan, where picturesque landscapes, bustling metropolises, and a vibrant pop culture scene await, inviting you to explore, indulge, and be inspired.

A traditional tea tasting ceremony

Top Locations: 







Top Activities: 

-Tokyo: Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Senso-ji temple, Walk Shibuya crossing, Japanese tea experience

-Kyoto: Fushimi Inari shrine. Temple exploring by bicycle, Philosopher's walk, Experience traditional Japanese food

-Hakone: See Mt. Fuji, Soaking in an onsen, Stay in a traditional inn (ryokan), Explore an outdoor sculpture park

-Nara: Todai-ji temple and the Hall of the Great Buddha, Visit the wild deer at Nara Park

-Hiroshima: Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, visit Miyajima Island, Walk through Shukkei-en garden

-Osaka: Visit Dotombori district the heart of Osaka nightlife, eat okonomiyaki, Explore Osaka castle.

Path lined with Cherry Blossom Trees
Paper lanterns lit up at night
A line of salmon sushi rolls

Perfect for:

-Festival Lovers, Outdoor Travel, Foodie Travel, Tea Lovers, Arts and Crafts Experiences, History Lovers

Possible Add-ons:

-Japan is very close to South Korea and Taiwan making both of them easy add-ons


Popular European Destinations

Explore the magic of Europe, where every street corner holds a piece of history and charm, inviting you to wander through its fascinating past and cultural wonders. From ancient castles to charming alleyways, Europe's allure lies in its timeless beauty and vibrant heritage, promising adventures that capture the heart and imagination.


Experience the enchantment of Italy, where ancient ruins, Renaissance art, and delectable cuisine converge to create a sensory feast for the soul. From the romantic canals of Venice to the sun-drenched cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, Italy beckons with its irresistible charm and timeless elegance, promising a journey of unforgettable moments and unparalleled beauty.