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River Cruise Guides

5 Fun and Unique Ways to Take in the History of Hungary

Looking for a more exciting way to explore history on your river cruise journey? Take a look at this guide to learn 5 amazing and fun ways to embrace the history and culture of Hungary!

20 Foods to Try in Budapest

Soups, sweets, and dumplings...oh my! There are so many amazing foods to try during your time in Budapest. Take a look at some of our favorites in this guide.

Beyond Budapest - Exploring Hungary

Whether you prefer to hike in gorgeous national parks or explore massive castles there is so much to do in the beautiful country of Hungary! Learn about some of our favorite adventures in this guide.

How to Spend 3 Days in Budapest

Stroll along the enchanting Andrássy út. Indulge for some retail therapy or bask in the beauty of the Hungarian Parliament House. There is so much history and beauty in Budapest! Check out our free guide to get some amazing travel ideas!

10 Destinations to Visit on Your Danube River Cruise

With beautiful architecture, delicious delicacies, and amazing history there is so much to see on a Danube River Cruise. Get some insight into 10 of our favorite Danube Destinations in this free guide!

How to Spend a Day on Your River Cruise

Morning exercise classes on deck, excursions that let you explore every port, and a fabulous nightcap in the bar. There are so many ways to spend a perfect day on your river cruise! Learn some of them in your "Day in a River Cruise" guide.

6 Festivals to Add to Your River Cruise Experience

From beautiful Christmas Markets to all the beer you could want at Oktoberfest there are so many different festivals to experience on a river cruise! Learn about some of them in our festival guide!

Nine Sweet Tooth Sensations to Try on the Danube

If you are anything like us, dessert is one of the most important things in life! Download this guide to learn about some of the fantastic dessert options you can find along the Danube!

Savor These 8 Regional Wines on the Danube and the Rhine

With wine tastings on the ship and excursions that revolve around vineyards and more wine tastings this guide gives you some insights into the amazing wines you can try on the Danube and the Rhine!

Tease Your Tastebuds on the Danube

River cruises give you the perfect chance to try amazing foods at port and on this ship. This guide will give you some insight into 10 of the best dishes you will find along the Danube!

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8 Fascinating Facts About River Cruising You May Not Know

From guest counts to the importance of water levels, check out this guide to learn some interesting facts about river cruising!

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12 Differences Between Ocean and River Cruising

If you are an avid ocean cruiser you may be wondering if switching to river cruising is the right move for you. Take a peak at this guide and hopefully it can give you some more insight into the beauty of river cruising!

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